Marceline Leigh - Id Rather You Be My Girlfriend

We need to talk.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been acting distant lately. I definitely know you've noticed how I don't want to have sex with you. That's because I have come to the realization that I would rather have a girlfriend than a boyfriend like yourself.

Don't look so sad. I have come up with a bit of a solution. Something that I know I will really like and something that I'm pretty sure you will like as well. I want to turn you into my very own girlfriend.
To do this, I'm first going to get you really pretty, then after I'm going to fuck your mouth before fucking your tight mangina.

I knew you'd be excited about this. So first, strip down for me. Good. Now, I have these sexy red fishnet stocking to really accentuate how feminine your legs and ass is. Put them on. Now put on these sexy little red lingerie piece I got for you. Make sure to tuck your dick really good into it. I don't want to see your cock whatsoever.

You're looking really hot now. Much hotter than you did as a guy. For the final touches, I want you to apply this bright red lipstick to match your outfit and put on this long, blonde wig.

You really do make a pretty girlfriend. It's now time for me to slip into my strap on.

Seeing me with the big, hard cock really turns you on. I always had a feeling you were a slut for cock. Maybe as much as I've wanted a girlfriend you have wanted someone with a big, fat cock fucking you. But remember, you're not allowed to take out your dick. You're not allowed to touch it. But who knows, maybe if you are good and do exactly what I tell you to then I will give you a little reward.

Right now, what I want is for you to get down on your knees and wrap your sexy red lips around my cock and to gag on it as I fuck your mouth and throat. Your eyes will begin to water and mix in with the drool and lipstick smeared on your face. It's kinda hot having such a whore as a girlfriend.

Before I fuck your ass, your mangina, I want you to take my dick out your mouth for a second. Suck on your fingers, get them really lubed up with your spit and then start finger fucking your ass in prep for my cock. Curl your fingers, find your g-spot as you keep sucking my dick.

You are such a dirty slut. You want my dick deep inside you, don't you? Beg me for it. With the tip of my dick still in your mouth, beg for me to fuck you.

Hahaha, since you want it so bad, I'll give it to you. Turn around and spread your ass cheeks for me. I'm going to pound into your greedy, hungry mangina. And if you keep on being so good, maybe, just maybe, I'll let you stroke your cock until I allow you to cum.

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