Goddess Evelyn - Anal Pounding CEI

DISCLAIMER: I am honestly not sure why I named this video anal pounding lol it should be called "throat pounding" because the emphasis is definitely more on the throat. I do mention anal a few times, but again, VERY heavy on the throat talk. Too lazy to re-edit the title so leaving it as is.

You've just moved to a new house, and I'm your new roommate. I seem super sweet and nice, and you're very happy. I pop into your room as I'm getting ready to go out for the night. I tell you that My date tonight is just to have some fun. I've been going on dates trying to find the perfect play thing but I haven't found one yet. I wonder if it might be you? I start to tease you, and take off My dress to reveal My burgundy one piece. You get very excited, but start getting a little hesitant when I start talking about making you swallow cum for Me. I try to bribe you. I tell you that if you agree to eat it for Me I'll allow you to cum on My body and lick it off. You agree.

Then I put on My strap on. Again you are hesitant. So I tell you that I'll show you My tits if you suck it. Again you agree. I start pounding your face, while I use your for My enjoyment. I laugh at you as you drool and gag on My huge 9 inch dick. I talk a little bit about putting it in your ass too. I tell you that I'll allow you to cum on My pussy and eat your cum out if you let Me fuck you. Then I fuck your face again.

Once you are about to cum I tell you that there is no way you are cumming on My body. I laugh as I tell you that I lied to get what I wanted from you. Instead you will be cumming on My dick. Then after you'll clean it off of course. I think this could be the beginning of something very fun. Maybe I'll even make you My new play thing.

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