Kendra James - Bimbofied fuck doll

You're already my plaything and I love how feminine and obedient you are for me, but I want to take it further - I want you to be a full on bimbo sex doll for me and others to use as they please. I want to transform you to take on that role perfectly. Huge lips, tits, hips and butt, tiny waist and clitty, long blonde pigtails to pull on, thick layers of makeup to smudge and ruin, fluttery false lashes, excessively long nails - and it's all permanent. There's no backing out now, you've come too far! I just love pulling on your pigtails while I fuck you with my strap on, they're the perfect bitch handles!

MP4 * 211 MB * 00:11:46 * 1440x1080

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