Brookelynne Briar - Sissy Wife Training CFNM Part 1

Now that we are married, I want us to discuss out roles as husband and wife. I think we both know that I make a much better husband than you so, and I know we can both agree that you would make the perfect, sissy wife. Albeit, you are al little rough around the edges. Not to worry though, I am dedicated to transforming you into the bimbo wife we have both dreamed of you being.

First, I give you strict dress code instructions and dress you up in the garter belt and stockings. Next, I fit you with your bimbo lip gag. Last, but not least, I luck your clittie away in a chastity cage so that you cannot get yourself into any mischief while I am away at work.

Finally, I take that pretty mouth of yours for a test drive. I have you kneel before me and suck my cock. I take my time fucking your throat, loving the way you gag and drool all over my dick. For a first-time sissy, you suck dick so well. So well in fact, that I blow a bog load all over your face. I compliment you on your fantastic puck-sucking technique at send you off to clean up and get dinner started.

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