Supreme Mila - Proper Submissive Etiquette Practical Objectification Exercises

A full 17 mins of good ol' fashioned training and basic submissive etiquette for newbies and intermediate subs alike, with a focus on physical objectification. Specifically for those who wish to brush up on their skills, and/or those who wish to continue to train remotely. It's simple, easy, and only takes minutes to practice. Utilizing your physical body is just as important, if not even more, than your mental capacity. It's a tool that needs to be kept sharp and ready at all times.

Your Supreme has very little patience for lazy, sloppy subs. Using My charming, yet brutal humiliation, seething insults, and signature teasing, I will drill into your skull the very foundation of proper presentation, by any means necessary.

Keep up, as I bark out physical positions for you to quickly learn and master until they become second nature. These are incredibly important to learn if you wish to better your “slave etiquette”, and are meant to further enhance the Domme/sub dynamic. In no time, you will feel as though you are being slowly molded into My perfect little bitch, that has many uses for Me. I may be harsh, but if you want to please Me, you better have a sharp learning curve, bitch.

MP4 * 3.74 GB * 00:17:19 * 1920x1080

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