Queen Carmella - Virgin Consequences

There's a price to pay for being this old and still a virgin. I'm sorry, but it must be done. You can't have control anymore, because the only thing you do with it is stroke away whenever you please. That's useless and really only shows how you contribute absolutely nothing. You do nothing sexually for women. the only action you know is with your own hand, and thats just unacceptable. You shouldn't have that privilege. Something MUST be done with virgins. Don't be afraid of this commitment....it's not like you have sex or you'll EVER have sex anyway. the only thing you'll have to give up, is your beloved masturbation. It's ok...You'll quickly learn that your pleasure doesn't matter, your dick is inferior, and being locked for me is what you deserve. it's the virgin Consequence. *** camera and mic upgrade! fixing the framing issue

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