Fallon Fairbanks - Balloon Ride Pop and Cum

I was thinking of a 6 - 8 min clip with you wearing your schoolgirl outfit as seen in your 'Schoolgirl Dolphin Deflation' clip if possible, including a pair of tight panties. The balloon would be pre-inflated. At the start, you sit down on the balloon then start gently riding it. As the clip progresses, you start riding and grinding harder and harder, talking dirty as you do. Somewhere in the middle of the clip you take off your panties and get back to riding the balloon, pulling the one end up toward you at times as if to hug it. Toward the end, you are riding the balloon hard and bring yourself to a convulsive orgasm. At the end, you lie on the balloon for a few seconds in orgasmic bliss then deflate it by releasing the clip sealing it, finally kissing it once it has deflated.

MP4 * 536 MB * 00:07:15 * 1280x720

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