Marceline Leigh - Butt Boy Training

There's something you should know about me. I like booty. Man booty, to be specific.

That's right, I like man ass. Looking at it, feeling it, fucking it. And today, I'm going to train you to be my perfect butt boy. What exactly does being a butt boy entail? Well, you will satisfy all of my man ass cravings. You will show me those cute cheeks and that puckered little hole whenever I want to see it. You will fuck your own ass whenever and however I tell you to. You will take anything I want to put into it, whether that be a finger, two fingers, my whole hand, my biggest strap on, or even my entire forearm, until your tight asshole is gaping. And, you will only be allowed to have hands free, no cock touching, assgasms. But don't worry, even without touching your cock, you'll still have an explosive orgasm from only receiving anal pleasure.

For our training today, you will have to strip down and twerk for me. You'll have to take my fingers and hands. You'll have to ride a dildo. You'll have to get fucked by me. And, you'll have to eventually take much, much more in that virgin asshole of yours than you ever thought possible. All while savouring the pleasure of it all and not even thinking about touching your painfully hard cock, that's dripping with pre-cum.

To get you to the point where you can achieve the title of "best butt boy" will be hard work. You will have to do whatever I say and take everything I throw your way, or rather, up your ass. And you will moan and say thank you for the privilege.

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