Miss Melissa - Shrinking and Tormenting Husband To Confess

After you return from your important research work, you find Me with your latest invention. I point your size changing ray right at you and threaten to shrink you if you don't give Me the password to the enlarge function. Seeing how your wife has turned, you refuse to give me the password, so I shrink you to a size of a couple of inches. I torment you into giving me the code. You refuse. I stomp on you with my stinky dirty socks and giant feet. I keep you in my smelly sock overnight. I shrink you again. I torment you with my extra stinky feet as I make you clean and worship them. I squeeze you under My giant chest. I keep you in my filthy panties for days and days. I make you suffer in my hairy and intolerably smelly armpits. This goes on for hours, days and weeks. I will make you crack and give out the code! I shrink you to a speck of dust. My husband is mine to torment. I am so giant! Eventually you crack... will I keep my word and restore you to the normal size? Or will I make myself so big, I could torment the entire world?

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