Miss Raquel Roper - Dicking Down The Cheater Again

What, you thought I was finished with you after Dicking Down The Cheater? You thought being my bitch was a temporary punishment for you cheating on my best friend, and that it ended once your relationship with her did? WRONG. It's why I'm at your house right now, your household let me right through; having met me before with your ex. You have been ignoring my calls, not responding to my text messages reminding you of your new position. So I had to bring me and my dick right to your doorstep to make you understand. You taking my dick, is for life. You being broadcasted as the cock whore that I've turned you into, will only stop when I am through with you. This time, I've brought even more surprises for you to make you an ever better cock gobbler; even more vicious than the last...

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