Goddess Nikki Kit - Sissygasm Training - How to Cum like a Good Sissy Girl

In this sissy training video, I will instruct you on exactly HOW you are going to make yourself cum like a good little sissy girl for Me. You'll be using a vibrator, chastity cage, and dildos to stimulate yourself from now on. No more barbaric masculine jerking off for you! From now on you will only masturbate like a good little sissy girl. The only way that you will ever earn permission to cum from Me is if you follow My every instruction.

This is your life now, My sissy pet. You were born to obey and follow the commands of hot dominant women. Today it is time to learn HOW to have a sissygasm so that you may cum like a lady. If you wish to please Me you will watch this video and hang on to every word I say. I am the one that knows what is best for you and your sissy training journey.

You'll also be practicing sucking and fucking dildos. If you ever get the chance to service a real man's dick or a Domme's strap on you don't want to disappoint!

Follow My every instruction and you'll be ready for the next steps of your sissy training journey.

Sissification means that you will do everything sexual as a woman from now on. I know that you're eager to get started and learn what it takes to please Me as a sissy servant to My Empire.

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