Goddess Natalie - Mental chastity for Natalie

A soft, mesmerizing voice like mine is more than enough for you to fly away from reality even without me saying anything that's meant to put you into a state of trance. But imagine if on top of having the most entrancing voice on planet Earth, I also slowly relaxed your body and mind so I could mindfuck you better later on? It could be lots of fun for me...especially if I somehow decided to put you into mental chastity and place new triggers into your brain, hmm? I know you're used to having your cock in chastity, but I bet you never experienced having your brain locked up in a cage, so that you won't be able to have any thoughts and ideas of your own, so that anything I tell you to think will become your own thoughts? Well doesn't that sound like a nice game to play? Put your freaking headphones on and get in bed, so I can Mermerize you for good, little one ;)

MP4 * 610 MB * 00:24:14 * 1920x1088

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