Goddess Lacey - Date Turns Out To Be A Footboy

We get back to my place after a first date and my feet are just so tired after walking in those shoes. Little do you know, this is just an excuse to have my bare feet out in the open. I noticed you staring at my feet during our whole date. I don't think that this dating thing is going to work out for us. I could never date a fucking foot loser like you. But if you give me your credit card and let me shop for new shoes. . . . you can stare at my perfect feet right now. I know you want to, and hey you will be buying me even more sexy shoes for my sexy feet. I find some expenses shoes, plug in your credit card and then send you on your way. Buying me shoes is all a foot freak like you is good for, never would I ever date a loser like you!

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