Goddess Christina - CBT: Insane Ball Abuse

I see you're back for more of my ball abuse. I'm feeling especially frisky today so they're going to be awfully sore when I'm done with you! I have to say you're in big trouble because I look so fucking hot in these fishnets and thigh high boots. Especially my HOT round booty! I know you love to obey my commands but today it will be even easier. You're like a stupid zombie staring at me, mouth wide open, executing my every order. Pain, pain and more pain but like the moron you are you'll keep going because I said so. I want you to feel my mark tomorrow. Every slap, squeeze, punch... whatever Goddess wants... you'll remember for days. Goddess loves beating up your balls. I find it so amusing that you make them hurt for me. My stupid little bitch. So shall we get started? YES... yes we should! Let's go...

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