Nina Crowne - Sock Thief Humiliation Revenge

Your roommate confronts you about all of her socks and other clothes she found hidden under your bed. She knows you stole them from her to do pervy stuff with and she demands that you show her what you did. At first you play dumb, but she isn’t having it. For payback for making her feel violated in her home, she makes you strip down in front of her. If you’re going to steal her clothes, you’re going to have yours taken too. In an effort to make sure you never steal her stuff again, she makes a plan…she’ll need something she can hold over you if you step out of line, so she starts taking pictures of you nude with her phone. Again, she encourages you to show her what you do with her socks and throws you the ankle length pair she’s currently wearing. Shamefully, you jerk off with them while she laughs and teases you about how fucked up you are, taking pictures the whole time. Eventually you cum in the sock, making her feel both disgusted and satisfied with how this played out. You go to clean up and when you get back she has a deal for you–either you stay naked and do all the chores for the rest of quarantine or she moves out and sends these pictures to everyone she knows. It’s not much of a choice, is it?

MP4 * 1.65 GB * 00:15:37 * 1920x1080

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