Goddexx Daphne - Making Your Dick Even SMALLER

*This clip offers an interactive option!

Hi little slave.

I’m going to cut right to the chase. You have a little dick, don’t you? I know, I can spot a tiny cocklette bitch like you from a mile away.

Thankfully you’re a submissive bitch, so the size of your dick honestly is irrelevant, isn’t it? It’s not like I would ever be interested in your pathetic dick, even if it were big. It’s attached to you!

However, your small dick can entertain Me.

We’re going to embark on a fun journey today. Tell Me, have you ever locked your dick in chastity?

With a dick that small, I hope you have! That’s where your dicklette belongs - locked up, with Me controlling the key.

Did you know that chastity cages can shrink your dick?

If you’ve worn a chastity cage for a few weeks or a few months, you may have noticed your dicklette looked even smaller when you uncaged it. That is what we are going to do with you.

We’re going to shrink that little dick and make it even more pathetically tiny.

Before we begin this journey, I’m going to give you a gift. I’ll let you stroke your tiny button while you worship My gorgeous perfection.

After you savor these last few moments of My beauty, you’re going to lock up that dick and we’ll begin shrinking it.

The shrinkage may be temporary, or it might be permanent. One way to find out!

You’re willing to sacrifice for Me, aren’t you?

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