As your divine Goddess, who grants you and your people good harvests, I demand sacrifice! And today, little one, that sacrifice is YOU!

Do you know why you're here? You're in the hands of your omnipotent and benevolent God Sydney, who has noticed that your village has not made their sacrifice they were supposed to give.. She's given them luck and bounties, and demands sacrifices in return! Fortunately, you were crazy enough to volunteer to be her slave to her most feared asset: her FEET!

The Goddess takes you and places you at her enormous feet.. they are super sweaty and smelly, and begins smothering you with them, careful not to smoosh you. You're absolutely helpless to do anything as you're passed back and forth between her toes. The smell is almost overwhelming, but this is exactly what she wants. Take in her Goddess stink, little sacrificial lamb!

She's suprised that her stink hasn't completely destroyed you yet, that's a good sign, she actually wants you to survive. Despite your miniscule size compared to her, she tells you that your job will be to clean and every one of her massive toes. You can start by cleaning out all the grime from under her toenails. In fact, you're the PERFECT size for this! She places you under her big toenail, and orders you to start cleaning. On top of this, you have to eat all of her godlike toejam! This might take some time..

Do a bad job, and you'll have to face the wrath of a God.. but if you do a good job, you just might be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. What will it be, little sacrifice?

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