Goddess Alexandra Snow - Dumpster Dick Sucking

You’re a disgusting little whore, aren’t you? You’re sitting over there, drooling, waiting for me to give you the command to suck cock. I’m fine with you sucking cock, in fact, that’s what I want. I just don’t want all the work that comes with it. You always expect me to go find you a guy to go suck off. It’s too much work. You’re just too picky.

You should suck cock because I told you to, not because you think the guy you’re sucking off is attractive. So I’ve got a little assignment for you. You’re going to go to the seediest part of your town and find yourself a nice fast food restaurant, grocery store, or maybe even a park. You’re going to plant yourself next to the nearest dumpster and you’re going to offer to suck off any guy that walks by. I want you to go full on dumpster slut for me.

Not because you want it. Because I want it.

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