Goddess Jessi Belle - Fix for the Talkers

One of the things that I have said time and time again is that I love it when men don't talk, especially if you are one of my slaves. If you are my sub and are clueless and have no idea what I want and just never stop talking it drives me crazy! Just shut the fuck up and listen! Some of you need a little extra help with shutting the fuck up.

Your opinion doesn't matter and I don't care about how you feel or what you have to say. I have a fix for this! I won't have to listen to you and you won't be able to talk. You need to have an open mind, but I guarantee that we will see results. This will help!

You will be amazed with how easy it will be to remember that there are few things you should be opening your mouth for. When you open your mouth you will get this: a nice big strap on cock! You open your mouth and this goes in! It is like a cork. Maybe if every time you opened your mouth you got a mouthful of this you'd stop talking so fucking much!

What if you enjoy sucking my cock? What if this makes you WANT to open your mouth? Instead of you trying to talk so that I shove this cock down your throat you can politely approach me and tell me that you want to serve me and satisfy me. You will get down on your knees and open your mouth and stick that young out so I can shove this cock in your mouth!

You can't say much if there's a cock in your mouth!

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