Goddess Jessi Belle - Your New Religion

Because you have no purpose and nothing to look forward I will offer to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to worship both Mr and I as your Gods. We will be the center of your universe and you will be grateful for it. You will get down on your knees and pray to use. You will sacrifice everything for us.

In order to do this I have to break you down, take away everything you once knew. From now on, permanently, you will be in chastity. Do not even think of asking to be freed. You cannot be able to jerk off as you want. You put it on and leave it on.

Follow ALL of my instructions and do not ever question them. Whatever is left of you will be ours. Your social media, your debit card, your ids. Everything that makes you you will be taken from you. Mr God will take control of your social media and slowly make you disappear from everyone's lives.

You will give everything to us, leaving you with nothing but us so we can be the center of your universe. You will pray to us every morning and every evening. You will do as we tell you to. You will completely submit. You will repeat mantras as prayers. As your Gods we will take from you until there is nothing left and make you into what we want you to be. This will be your life.

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