Hot Juls Fetishes - Defeated and Castrated CockSucking Bimbo

I have taken your manhood and turned you into a submissive little sissy-girl, shaved barbie-smooth, scented and dressed up in lingerie and heels. It didn't take me too long to turn you into cuckold either.   Now it’s time to take your emasculation to the next level. I am going to give you 2 choices in this video. 1: You will stay as my obedient sissy slave cuckold. OR 2: I will castrate you, get you a set of juicy big tits, turn you into full blown cock sucking bimbo-barbie and whore you out. Which one would you choose? I knew it, you chose to be castrated. You are not a man, you don't need that soft thing hanging between your legs, absolutely useless. You used to be a man, you used to have sex.....but now, it's all in the past, and I love it that way.  I taunt you about castration; no more futile erections, no more premature ejaculations. Nothing to distract you from serving me.

Even though I am turning you into my cock-sucking bimbo, I love teasing and tormenting you, getting you all worked up and leaving you denied for weeks, seeing your pathetic little pecker squirming in your panties. I am being nice.  That’s why you’re giving you a choice. I am either going to turn you into a servitude cuck or a bimbo-barbie blow-job queen. I taunt you about how you’ll properly say “thank you” to my boyfriend after you suck him off. I can’t wait to see the look of defeat in your eyes when you slide a big hard cock between my painted lips. And now that that’s settled, i can’t wait to get started with your training.

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