London Lix - Step-Mom Sissification

I’m your Step-Mom and I strut into your hospital room where you are after losing yet another fight. You have so much toxic masculine energy, always brawling even though you’re no good at it. I’m fed up with having my life disrupted by your fights, so I had a word with one of the nurses, and they’ve agreed to start you on estrogen. Don’t worry, it’s already been administered. Maybe I’ll turn it up a little in your IV though…just to be safe. That’s right…over the next few weeks you’ll find yourself becoming more and more girly and feminized. I think this is a better place for you anyway, given that that dick of yours has always been so small. Maybe that’s why you fight so much; overcompensation! You were born to worship women, not fuck them like a real man! I have to test how much those male instincts are still there though, so that I have a baseline. So watch Step-Mommy strip off and tease in her lace bra and leather miniskirt and nylons…and stroke that little dick. Make it cum one last time as a ‘man’, as I give you a nice big surge of estrogen. That’ll do some nice conditioning to your brain, won’t it now?

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