Lady Olivia Fyre, Princess Ellie Idol - Your Fatal Mistake

Custom (no name): You don’t yet realize it, but your worst nightmare is about to come true: Your wife (Olivia Fyre) and girlfriend (Ellie Idol) have met. You’re unsuspecting, as your wife initiates what should be an evening of marital bliss. You’re excited that she’s chosen to get kinky with some handcuffs, but as soon as she snaps the second wrist to the bed, she says, “I came to your work today to surprise you.” Then in walks your lover, Ellie. “So did I,” she says. Then in unison: “Boy were we surprised.” You try to struggle against the cuffs, but you know it’s useless.

Then Ellie reveals that she has a knife. They’re not really going to use that, are they? Your mind races, trying to think of what you can say to make this right. Ellie explains that she’s had several husbands but she’s never been divorced. How can that be? Then the light glints off the knife and you realize that your fate has been sealed. The two women take turns showing off their bodies and then plunging the knife deep into your tissue. They’re clearly enjoying themselves and your horror. You pray for the pain to end, but somehow you survive, and they just keep tormenting you with shallow cuts then deep, twisting lunges. You must be close to death now, you think… you pray. But it just keeps going. It’s never-ending. While you’re lying there, hoping to become numb to the pain, the ladies are talking about how they’re going to divide up your money and possessions. Then they’re going to make out right in front of your lifeless body. Cheating on your wife was the worst decision you ever made… your fatal mistake. Olivia checks your pulse and is astonished to find that your heart is still barely beating. “Not anymore,” Ellie says, as she plunges the knife deep one last time.

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