Dominant Princess - Pantyhose Foot Tease

You're addicted to feet and pantyhose aren't you, yeah I know you are that's why I want to tease you. I want you to be even weaker for Me, to tease you with what you love most. I'll get My pantyhose covered feet in your face, wiggling My toes in front of you, getting you to smell and worship them, to watch on as I rub My feet up and down My legs. My beautiful pink polished toes encased in nylon makes you want to reach out and touch them. I know you want to touch My soles, to kiss them, to rub them, to suck on My pantyhose, yeah to suck and smell them. Mmmmm both of My feet in your face covering your nose, making you sniff them, I'll have you fully focused on My feet and fully addicted as always!

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