AstroDomina - Lost Bet Beat Down

You thought I would forget about our little bet, didn't you? Well guess what? You lost and now I get to beat you up and kick you in the balls.

Remember that bet you placed with Sydney? If your team won, you would get a nice sexy private lap dance from her. And if your team lost, you'd get your ass beat up. Her initial idea was to bring in her friend who's an MMA fighter, but instead, Sydney decides to take matters into her own hands. Or boxing gloves. You didn't think she was really gonna do it, did you. Yet here she is, standing in front of you with her boxing gloves on. And just like you agreed when you couldn't imagine you were gonna lose, she's gonna beat you up for 2 minutes and finish you off by kicking you in the balls for another minute. That'll teach you not to make crazy bets anymore!.

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