Princess Grace - My Boots Are More Important To Me Than You Are

Let me explain something to you my little boot slave, boot licker, boot polisher. You see these leather horse riding boots are more important to me than you. And your job is to keep my boots clean by licking them, and you even bought me these boots. Anything you thought had value in your life, it doesn't. It's worthless just like you. You are absolutely nothing. You're no longer human. Your life has absolutely zero meaning. The only function you have now is to buy my boots and to clean my boots. Simple, isn't it?

Before you realized you were a boot slave, there you were just roaming around thinking that you were a real man, thinking that you were a human being with feelings. And you felt so [email protected] inside. And then you came across me and you felt this urge to buy me a pair of boots and fall to the ground and lick them and worship them and adore them. And then everything felt right, didn't it? You realized what you had been missing. You were meant to be a little boot bitch. 

You knew you had to work harder to buy me expensive boots. Only the best for me and only the dirt on the bottom of my boot for you. This is about serving me, my little boot licker. When I'm happy then you're happy as my boot bitch. You understand that true sacrifice is the right thing to do. You know that you were born to serve my beautiful boots. 

You will clean all of my boots and when I need a new pair, you will buy them. Simple, isn't it? Your life is so simple now. Before you had this realization that you were born to be a boot slave, you life was so complicated, wasn't it? Now your life is easy. You just lick my boots and then you buy me boots. So if you want my attention, you better get me more boots. And then when I walk outside in them, you want them to be clean for me. So you understand that you must lick them clean. You're a true boot slave. You put your ego aside and you understand that you need to be under my beautiful boots.

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