Princess Fierce - Lick That Dick For Me

I want you to lick something, not my tits, not my pussy. I want you to make my pussy wet by licking dick for me boy. I’m gonna get so turned on when I get that cock in your mouth and you suck it till that stud busts a nut. You’d do that for me, wouldn’t you? As I convince you to suck cock for me you will find out my true feelings. Like the fact you’re a FAGGOT! HAHA! I really had you going didn’t I? Your raging boner gives your sexuality away. You can’t stop now, you’re far too hard as I humiliate your raging boner and you bust a huge nut that I’ll make you eat. This clip contains elements of coerced gay, gay jerk off instructions, gay masturbation instructions, gay humiliation, gay encouragement, cei, cum eating instructions, coerced orgasm, faggot, seduction, dick worship, gay.

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