AstroDomina - Stairway To Heaven Part 1

Well hello footboy! Let's see how much more addicted to my socks I can make you today..

Sydney is standing on her stairwell, in some red shiny heels and white socks, your favorite combination! She knows how much of a sock slut you are and calls you out for it. She just wants you to watch her and become entranced by her feet and legs. You would do anything for those perfect, muscular asian legs!

She's giving you an amazing sock and leg show right now, so you should probably get on your knees bitch boy. Take in all the glory in front of you. You know there's no reisiter her, especially when she's flexing and dipping her sexy white socks right in front of your face. Soon she pulls out a chain collar and decides to leash you up. This isn't over sock lover, we're just getting started!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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