Lady Bellatrix - Gagging Order

Your corporation is in the process of merging with Bellatrix Inc but Lady Bellatrix will only tolerate one boss in the company and that is herself. Last night at a company function she came on to you and got you excited about getting her into the bedroom. So confident you were going to get her undressed and show her what a stud you were.
Well, you were tricked, a little something special in your drink caused you to let your guard down and now she is telling you about the hidden camera she had in the room. She pulls out a mouth gag and puts it up to your mouth, you will sign over all control to her and be her slave. That or she shows the tape to your family and friends of you being tied up, your face slapped and spit on, and abused in so many nasty ways. In the boardroom she will take credit for your best ideas and you will praise her and call her Ma’am. Your submission will carry beyond the office though, you will do everything she says from now on… forever!

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