Ariel Anderssen - Foottease Landlady

You, young man, are late with the rent. Again. Clearly, you can’t afford this lovely room in my property! Fortunately, I’m VERY kind. I’m going to make you an offer – reduced rent in exchange for regular foot massages from you. Does that appeal? I’m wearing sheer tan pantyhose with mini skirt and silk blouse, and my deliciously wrinkled soles are clearly having a remarkable effect on you. I’m rather delighted, and order you to masturbate for me; it makes me feel so good to have such power over you and I’m soon ordering you around mercilessly – almost as though I’d planned it all along to make you my foot slave. Naturally, you won’t be allowed to orgasm until you’re totally compliant to my wishes, and to ensure your obedience, I even strip off my pantyhose so you can see my highly arched feet in their fully nude glory. I hope you’ll enjoy your orgasm, since you’ll be wearing a chastity device from now on, to ensure my power over you is complete

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