Miss Cherry Vee - Hurt Yourself As I Tease You Idiot

I know what usually happens. I tease, you stroke, and then you come back for more, just like the pathetic jerkaholic loser that you are. Tell me, all those times that you stroked to me, did you ever stop and think just how lucky you are that I allowed you to stroke for me? Did you think that you were actually stroking For me? You're an idiot if you thought that stroking Ror me was actually you doing something For me. You're a moron if you thought that stroking for me made you my loser.
Today I'm still going to tease you with my perfect fucking body, but you are going to resist the urge to touch yourself. Instead, you're gonna hurt yourself. I don't care if you don't enjoy hurting yourself. You enjoy doing what I tell you to do. So the first thing I want you to do is take out that hard cock. Do you feel your cock throbbing already? You've been watching me tease you this whole time, wanting to stroke to my sexy body. But you're not allowed. Every time you feel like stroking for me, I want you to slap your cock. I know it's going to be so hard to resist jerking to me. I know how fucking hot I look.
Now as I continue to tease you, and your cock throbs even more, I want you to punch yourself in the balls for me. Good boy, see now you're doing something For me. Hurt yourself loser. Torture yourself as I torture you. I'm sure you've been slapping your dick and punching yourself in the balls quite a bit by now because I know how badly you want to stroke to me.
Do you want to do something really exciting for me? I know you do. You love doing things for me, don't you? Since I won't let you stroke, I want you to fuck the wall for me. Stand facing the wall, make sure you can still see the screen. I have to tell you these things because you're an idiot, you can't think for yourself. Now, I'm going to bounce my perfect ass around in front of your face and as I do that, I want you to ram your dick into the wall. LOL! Pretend you're fucking the wall. Pretend the wall is the only thing that will allow you to fuck it. Fuck it with everything you have. Fuck the wall hard! Awww does your cock hurt? Just remember, you're doing it for me...

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