Goddess Allexandra - Fag in Training

This is a collection of my post popular coerced bi clips. If you are curious about cock then this is for you. It contains a lot of mind-fucking, bi humiliation, slave training, faggot training, and gay humiliation.
Cock-Sucker-This is suitable for the curious, or the full blown obsessed. As part of your cock-sucking training, you will be subjected to deep mind-fucking, stimuli which will change your behavior, and your way of thinking. As I talk to you, you will not only focus on me, but you will be unable to ignore the big, stealthy cock in the background. Watch as spit runs down the big shaft, and the wetness is stroked onto the length. Listen to the layered audio, as it floods your brain with the truth about who you really are. This will grow your urge for cock, your craving for cock, your need for cock. This will amplify your desire for dick, making it your daily motivation. You will be converted; you will become my little cock-sucker, my little fag.
Cock-Trap-Think about how long you have spent thinking about cock, all that time you have put into it, and it’s now an obsession, a daily motivation. Even people that are close to you have noticed you have become distant, withdrawn, forever daydreaming. What is wrong with you? Well, I know what is wrong with you; you have fallen into a cock ****, my cock ****. The more coerced bi videos I release, the more cock consumed you become. You knew it was a ****, but you were only too happy to fall into it. I have made you into a deeply dedicated dick disciple. I have sucked the life out of you, and you will now suck the life out of big alpha dicks. You will now dedicate your days to delivering delicious oral to huge donkey dicks. This is about you accepting your rightful place, becoming my cock sucking slut. You’re my dumb whore. You will only find pleasure in serving me, and sucking dick. Sucking dick now sends you to subspace, it transports you to another world. So mindfucked, so weak, so vulnerable, so cock trapped.
Stick to Dick- Back again, my little fag boy, to taunt you & give you some more training. You have watched so much porn, and this is what started your conditioning towards dick. Now, I am going to put restrictions on your porn, it’s only gay porn, and censored Allexandra pussy for you. You do not deserve pussy, and therefore you are banned from looking at them. If you want to stroke over one, it will only be censored one, and you will be grateful I let you do that. I will also allow you to worship the BBCs, only the best for my fag boy. Watch me hold up the BBC you will be handling, isn’t he massive? Look at how small my arms are in comparison to his huge length. We are going to train your little slutty throat, today. I want to hear you gag on his big black length. Listen, you can hear your own gags will the air, as you attempt to squeeze all of his in your slut mouth hole. Embrace the feeling of euphoria, as you feel the spit running down your jaw. This is your new way of life. You come to me for censored porn, shielding yourself from what you don’t deserve. You come to me for guidance, and you feel so privileged to experience everything with me. I will allow you to stroke, and will tell you when to do so. I want you aroused, needy, and absolutely gagging for it. Come and get your fill, Fag.

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