Goddess Valora - Goddess Valora’s Degrading Sissy Test

So you think you have what it takes to be a sissy, do you even know what that entails? It’s a lot more than what you probably think. So I’m going to put you through a sissy test to see if you truly are a sissy. For this test you’re going to need a plate. I want you to pause the video and jerk off onto a plate. And then come back to see if you pass the test, lol.

Now you better have a nice full plate of sticky cum by you. The next thing you’re going to need is a nice big dildo. If you wanna be a sissy you have to be able to take big cocks. And this dildo isn’t for you ass, it’s for your pussy, because if you’re a sissy, your ass is now a pussy. So take that big dildo and start fucking your little sissy pussy. And if you’re a real sissy then I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve stuck something up your ass. 
Now while you’re fucking your ass, I want you to take the plate and frost your face with all that cum, pour it all over your sissy face. Do you know why? Because sissies should have a cum covered face while they’re taking it in the ass. You see this is all part of the test. If your cock starts throbbing while you’re taking it in the ass with cum drenching your face, then you’re definitely a sissy, lol! This is the type of abuse and humiliation a sissy should crave. 

Sissies are the lowest. Sissies deserve it in the ass. Sissies need cum on their face. This is how a sissy gets off. And this is just a test to see if that gets you off. This is kind of like practice for the real thing. Because this is nothing compared to how pathetic you’re going to feel with a real man’s cock up your ass with a real man’s cum all over you face. Do you like this type of degradation sissy? Of course you do. This makes your little clitty twitch. Keep fucking your ass sissy with that gross cum on your face. Lick your lips. 

Now for the next part of the test I want you to get down on all fours and put that plate with the rest of the cum, on the floor in front of your face. Then I want you to fuck your ass and lick that plate clean because sissies need to clean up all the cum, every last drop. You need to gobble it down and hunger for it while you’re being pounded in the ass. Do you think you can handle this sissy? This is where you belong, on your knees, lusting for cum. How hard is your clitty right now? If it’s throbbing and twitching in the air, then you’re a sissy. You’re a disgusting little sissy whore. Now pull that dildo out of your ass and cum all over it and then lick it all off. Prove to yourself what a dirty little whore you truly are. Good girl. 

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