Stupid, Sloppy, Slutty Sissy Forced Intox

I hope you have your bottle of hard liquor by your side, and I want you to have three shot glasses. Now pour three shots cause I'm going to get you nice and Tipsy and you're going to do stupid things, lol. Now drink them one after the other. Then fill them up again and pound another three. Six shots in five minutes, lol. I'm going to get you wasted. Are you feeling a little fuzzy upstairs? No? Not yet? Ok take three more. You must be drooling by now, lol. Take one more for me.
Now that you're head's feeling crazy and you're just slobbering all over yourself, I want you to do stupid things for me. I want you to dress up like the prettiest little sissy you can be. Put on your little panties, get yourself all slutted up for me. I know it will be hard but I want you to do your makeup and a nice wig. I want you to look ridiculous, like a tranny . Then I want you to take some pictures of yourself, lol. Having trouble you Tipsy idiot?
I know you're Tipsy off your ass but you're going to pull it together for me and be a good little sissy. Because I want some sexy, slutty, sissy pictures. Have fun with them. And since you're nice and Tipsy and easy to take advantage of, I want you to sign up for some gay forum sites and post some of your pictures for everyone to see. Maybe even make a new facebook page. Or better yet, take some videos and post them on youtube. And then, I want you to whore yourself out, lol.
Tell everyone how you want to suck big cock and you're just a little sissy boy who lives to make his Princess happy. You have this craving to suck big dick for me. Tell everyone, expose yourself for me. This will be soooo much fun. I know you want this. You knew what was going to happen in this clip before you even watched it and you couldn't stop yourself. I'm going to you out. You're finally going to suck cock for me you Tipsy sissy. And make sure you hold it together, no one wants a sloppy sissy.
And you're going to thank me for finally getting you wasted enough to suck cock like the sissy you are deep down!

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