Princess Miaxx - Get Fucked Up N Stuff Your Holes

You’re going to be a good horny slut for me. I know exactly what you crave, you want to get all fucked up for Princess and stuff your dirty holes, don’t you? Yes, I know you do, you fucking crave it more than anything else. You just want to sniff and get all fucked up for me while getting to stuff your holes. Look at you, you’re already so horny, so grab your bottle and take a nice big sniff for me. I want you really loosened up because you’re going to take two big dildos and double stuff yourself. Because when you sniff you want to do whatever I say, you can’t say no, lol.

You wanna be a nasty little fuck for Princess. When you sniff, nothing else matters but being obedient to me. So keep taking sniff after sniff and get so fucked up for me. It makes you so fucking horny. Now go grab two dildos so you can be my little slut. You’re going to sniff and get so fucking high for me and you’re going to stuff yourself for me. You can’t say no when you’re sniffing and so fucking horny. I want you really fucked up, so fucked up that you’ll get down on all fours and double stuff yourself. Now be a good little sniffing puppet and I’ll show you how to do it.

I want your slutty asshole and mouth to be stuffed. Now take another sniff and then grab your dildo and show me your dick sucking skills. You’re such a horny slut for cock. I know you want to service this giant dick. So get on all fours and suck it. It’s so fucking big, perfect for a horny bitch like you. You can’t say no to cock. You can’t say no to Princess. You want to service giant fucking cocks while you’re all fucked up and horny.

Now grab the other dildo, you’re going to put both of your holes to good use. You’re going to suck on and you’re going to use the other one on your slutty asshole. You’re going to stuff your asshole for Princess. Suck and stuff, suck and stuff idiot. Do it on all fours like the whore that you are. Look at you, you’re so eager. Really give it to yourself, pound your ass while you gag on that cock! Good little slut, don’t stop, I know it feels so good being a horny little freak for cock. Get it nice and deep in your ass, I want you to really feel it while you’re double stuffing yourself.

Sniffing makes you so horny and stupid so take another big hit. Doesn’t it feel so good double stuffing yourself? Yes, you love this. Nothing feels better than this. Make me proud loser. More sniffing and more stuffing. You’re a cocksucker and we both know it. You’re so horny and weak for cock. You love taking dildos in your ass and your mouth. Feel it deep in your ass. You’re such a good slut for Princess. Keep choking on that cock, fucking gag on it.

Now you’re going to cum by taking another big inhale and pounding yourself to orgasm. Fuck your slutty ass until you cum with a huge dildo in your mouth. I know you wish it was real cock fucking penetrating you. You’ll do anything while you’re under the influence, won’t you? You’re such a weak obedient sniffing cock lover.

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