Astro Domina - Smell My Yoga Pants

Nothing better after a long sweaty work out than making my butt slave smell and worship my sweaty ass. Come hither lowly sub. Goddess Sydney just got done with her yoga workout and of course, she always sweats up a storm! Her ass now has just the perfect amount of sweat and smell for a complete butt worshipper like yourself. She beckons you over. Don’t you want to give it just one sniff? Not so fast, butt boy – she wants you to properly worship her backside, so don’t lose your head! You both know her ass is perfect and demands worship, so get that cock out and bury your slave face right between her butt cheeks. That’s right, take in all of the scent and sweat! She wants you to suck out all her workout vapors and jerk your cock off to it. There’s no better place for a devoted butt slave like you than right under her ripe behind. Wouldn’t you just love for her to shove it right on your face, using it as her cushion? And aren’t you so lucky today, she’s even going to give you the chance to cum for her yoga pants-clad ass. She wants you to produce a massive load for her, so follow along butt boy and do as your Goddess tells you!

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