Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Click Of The Lock Shuts Off Your Brain

Goddess Alexandra Snow! This is a very sensual mesmerize chastity clip, Goddess Snow's words will send you deep down into trance. Watch this with a chastity device on to increase the intensity of the mindfuck.

There's nothing quite like chastity, and while my brain is the most powerful weapon I have in my arsenal, I truly believe that the chastity cage really does all the work all on its own. You're so conditioned to chastity that it really doesn't take much more. I would say that the cage itself is doing most of the work. I don't really have to do much, all I have to tell you to do is to put on your cage, and then lock it on, and it's just that simple little click of the lock and that's all it takes. It's almost like hearing that click is a trigger to your brain. And then all I have to do is hold on to your key, or dangle them in front of your face.

It's simple really, after that click, your brain goes blank, then I just hold on to your key and you stay completely obedient, right in your little cage. That cage that's wrapped around your cock is really doing all the work. You can't do a thing without thinking about it, can you? Being locked up for me keeps your mind focused on me, serving me, belonging to me. That's all that matters. I am all that matters. You no longer have to crave pussy because there's nothing you can do about it when you're locked up in my cage. Locked up and perfectly obedient. I love what the cage does to your mind with just a simple click.

It's so easy for me, all I have to do is show you the key, and you can't think about anything else but how much I own you and that cock. But really it's the click, that's what sends you down, deep down. It's over for you at that moment, with that sound. Your demeanor changes instantly at that moment. And then you hear me jingle those keys and your mind just goes spiraling. Your cock throbs in your cage. You become even weaker. It's so easy. All I have do is hold on to your keys. And I hold on to so many boys keys that sometimes I don't know which is which. But that doesn't matter, all that matters is that you say locked up, and I have full and total control over you.

And you're so mesmerized by this idea, you're watching the keys go back and forth, back and forth. You know that you're mindfucked, you know that you're hopelessly trapped. Your cock isn't the only thing locked up in that little prison, your mind is inside my prison of control. And you put yourself there. You mindwash yourself for me. All I have to do is dangle those keys in front of you and you'll do anything I want, won't you? I tease you with my unattainable body while I dangle this key in front of your face and your mind just turns to mush for me. You are mine, and all it took was the click of a lock, and then I take the keys and you don't have to worry about a thing. You don't have to worry about doing a thing except for what I say. Your mind and your cock are trapped and completely focused on me.

After all, you don't need thoughts, all you need to do is to obey me. And that is achieved simply through the click of a lock. All you need is me. You don't even have to think about jerking off any more because I've taken that away from you. You see I make it so easy for you, I take away your choices and make all the decisions for you. With that click, I take over and make your life better, more fulfilled. This is what you need, we both know it. So let me click that lock so you can feel what it does to your brain and all the pleasure chastity can bring you.

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