GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Sharp Nails Cuts You Nuts Off

The fifth part in this series featuring My long, natural nails and My Feet and shoes . In the first part of the series I slowly take you under My spell, as you lose yourself deeper and deeper in My voice and the the overwhelming visual impact of My stunning, natural nails. That clip is here Mesmerizing Nails

Then the intensity increases, relentless mindfuckery ensues as I take you deeper and deeper using My legs and these beautiful vintage Gucci Mules. Don’t even try to resist the sensory overload that My voice and visuals creates, designed to hit you over and over again like crashing waves coming down all around you.

I want you confused, I want you in a deep trance, it is only there that you will lose your mind and fall even deeper under My spell, I want a mindless drone whose entire life is controlled by their stunning Asian boss, every aspect of your life will lose meaning, your entire focus will be on Me and you will lose your mind in your pathetic attempts to please the owner of your soul. My perfect long nailed fingers will curl themselves around your neck and squeeze dry any remaining thoughts you may once have had.

Fall deeper and deeper into mindless slavery. That clip is here Luxury Mind Fuck

Now that I have you in a confused state it is time for Me to test your unquestioning obedience, you take your place on your knees in front of My desk and you will eagerly lick and worship My bare feet as I speak with your wife on the phone. You will demonstrate your complete and utter capitulation to My will by licking My feet while your wife is on the other end of the phone call. Of course you are naked and that cock is locked in chastity and yes of course I am filming this, I want to see that pathetic cock twitching in its cage as you desperately lick My feet and suck My toes.

I will be making lots of videos during your working life of you humiliating yourself for My amusement in disgusting compromising situations, I do this with all of the drone male workers here. If you demonstrate even the slightest hesitation or disobedience to My commands that you now live by I will send these videos to your wife, I want her to see exactly how pathetic you are, I want to wreck your entire life.

Of course I may just decide to send her these videos for fun, and sit back and laugh as your life implodes, never mind, it has happened to lots of men in the office, once they lose everything they have no choice but to join My pig pen of live in slaves, you will take your place in one of the cages at My home and you will serve Me around the clock both at the home and office. I will take your entire wage and you will beg Me for food and other privileges, just to scrape out the most basic of human existences as one of My mindless slaves. This clip is here Luxury Blackmail

Now it is time for Me to send you down further, after relentless Mindfuckery, it is time for you to relax and process everything on your downward spiral to becoming an unquestionably obedient slave. Listen to the ASMR sounds of nails tapping and scratching on various surfaces and know that you are slipping ever deeper. That clip is here Nail Tapping Trance

Now you will watch and listen as I play with two Kiwi fruits, I love to put fear into My slaves and I want you to imagine My hands around your balls as you watch this clip. Imagine Me staring deep into your eyes as I hold your balls in My hands, rolling them around My soft fingers and sharp nails. The thought of the pain I could cause you with one swift movement of My sharp, natural nails. That clip is here Clawing your Kiwis

Now I take hold of this long, thick banana. I love the feeling of a slaves cock grow hard in My hands like this. It’s true that I love to see the pain of a locked up chaste cock struggling and straining at the cage, but I also enjoy holding the uncontrollable erection of a slave that is let out of chastity and teased mercilessly. Watch Me dig My long, natural nails into the skin and scratch up your manhood.

Then lick My finger nails clean

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