Miss Miserlou - Modeling panties - chastity role play

I'm wrapped in a towel and getting ready for a night out with the ladies. I have you hold a mirror for me so I can finish brushing my long, gorgeous brown hair and putting on my makeup. I mention how happy I've been with our marriage lately; ever since you went into chastity, you've been much more obedient, and I've been elevated to my rightful status in the relationship! I tease you about the chores that you'll have to do while I'm out having fun, and hint that maybe I'll get up to some naughty trouble while I'm out. I talk about the dress I'm going to wear, and how I need you to pick out some panties for me to try on. I change into a short, sexy red robe and go through the four pairs of panties you picked out. You're looking up at me from the floor and watch me as I slowly slip each pair up my long legs, pulling the lacy and see-through panties up around my sexy round ass. You catch a few peeks at my naked body as I tease you about how you're straining against your cock cage. I remind you to be a good boy and not touch yourself! I decide I'm going to wear a white, lacy thong and I finish getting dressed. I tell you to help me put on my shoes, a cute pair of heeled sandals, and I let you kiss and caress my feet. I detail the chores you'll need to do while I'm away, like washing my lingerie. I hope I can trust you not to stick your nose into my dirty panties while I'm gone! I tease you some more about what I might get up to while I'm out, some very subtle hints of cuckolding, and I tell you not to wait up tonight because I might be out very very late.

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