Marissa Sweet - Sisters Foot Slave

You just came back from work, sit on the sofa and put your feet on a footstool. Today was awful, you're dead tired and your feet are super sweaty and hurt a lot. You could really use a good massage but who would massage such stinky feet? Then you remember a conversation you had with your little brother some time ago, casually talking he ended up saying he's got a huge foot fetish. And also that he's always thought your feet are probably the most beautiful he has ever seen and he'd be honored to worship them. That time you took it as a joke and let it go trough you without really thinking much about it. Now you think about it again and decide to give it a try, so you call him and explain how tired you are and that if he was serious that time this could be his chance. It goes without saying he immediately accepts so he takes off your shoes and starts massaging your nyloned feet . He also smells and kiss your feet and it's kind of embarrassing but it also feels good so you let him be, telling him you never imagined your stinky feet could be so enjoyable for someone. At some point you notice he's completely absorbed by this and decide to ask him if he wants to become your foot slave and be allowed to worship your feet every day. He obviously accepts and begs you to also be allowed to lick your feet. "Since you're my slave now, why not? Taste my sweat and make sure to be thankful for it" you say. In the end you ask him to be nice and go prepare you a warm bath so you can relax.

This is a POV video so only you will appear. For the clothing the only thing I request is that you wear trousers (long ones, not shorts) and that you're completely dressed. And do not get undressed during the video of course, the only thing you'll take off are the shoes

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