Lady Fyre - Office Coworker SPH And Blackmail

You know it’s not good to lie to your coworkers. I know you’ve been bragging about your big penis to some of the guys here. You wish you had a big penis but I know about your tiny dick. Yea remember that your ex girlfriend used to work here and she told me. She told me how tiny it is and that she could barely feel it. So I don’t think it’s right that you’re lying to everyone about it.

You see when you lie it eventually comes back to haunt you, and I am going to haunt you. Oh she was lying? Well then let’s see it. Pull your pants down. If it’s big, I wanna see it. And if you don’t show it to me, I’m going to tell everyone in the office what a tiny penis you have. I’ll tell them the truth and all the guys will make fun of you. You’ll be so humiliated that you’ll probably have to quit, is that what you want? Then show me that big dick that you’re bragging about.

Wow, lol, when you’re ex told me that you had a small penis, she was very generous. That’s not just a small penis, that’s not even really a penis. It’s a micro penis. I feel kinda bad for you but you really shouldn’t be going around telling people you have a big dick when you don’t. Oh it gets bigger when it’s hard? Then go on, show me. Yes I want you to jerk off and make it hard of I’m gonna tell everyone in the office you have a tiny penis and that you pulled it out and showed me.

So you can jerk off or get fired when I tell everyone that you pulled out your penis in front of me. I knew you’d jerk it. And it’s not getting any bigger. So you lied to everyone in the office and now you’ve lied to me? I want you to keep jerking it until you cum, maybe there will be a big load. Rub that little clit dick for me. It’s like a little nub, lol. This is all your fault, you got yourself into this. And now you need to be put in your place.

Keep jerking it with your two little fingers, I can see why you’re ex wasn’t satisfied. This is so humiliating for you, isn’t it? Make that micro dick squirt for me or I will tell everyone. From now on you’re going to be my office bitch or your new office nickname is going to be micro penis LOL! Now get out of my sight, I can’t stand to look at you any more.

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