Mistress Katya - Breathless By Superwoman

Superwoman is not the hero that you think she is. After years of publicity stunts to perfect her public reputation, no one would ever dare question or suspect Superwoman of what she actually does behind the scenes....

After hours of being cramped in your friend's apartment during their big birthday rager, you decided to make your way up to the roof for some fresh air... And there was Superwoman-- your favorite heroine, the woman you've spent many nights jerking off to.

She lures you in with her beautiful body and asks if you'll come home with her, promising to show you secrets of Superwoman.... You agree to go.

That was the decision that will lead to the end of your life.... But first, Superwoman must play with her new victim.

I have heard that she loves to leave boys breathless....

This is the story of the end of your life.

MP4 * 2.63 GB * 00:26:27 * 1920x1080

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