Natashas Bedroom - Enforced Chastity Contract

There's something I want you to do for me. Get out your chastity cage. Slide it over your dick, and then lock it shut. See? That was easy. But we're not finished yet. You're going to make a promise to me to stay locked up for eight full days of enforced chastity. 

You'll send me your chastity agreement today, along with proof that you are indeed obediently locked up for me. There will be rules, regulations, and potential punishments that you'll be required to follow for the next eight days. 

And guess what? Once you send your chastity promise, there's no backing out. This agreement gives me enforcement powers, and I'm going to exercise them. When? I'll decide that. You will hear from me personally with a random chastity spot check sometime in the next eight days...

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