Lucid Lavender - My Mindwashing Graphic Gets Into Boys’ Heads And Triggers Addiction

Why don't you get down on your knees for me. Good boy. So obedient. I really think that the mesmerizing repeated trigger graphic in this clip is really going to open some doors for me. So many doors that submissive boys are going to walk into without even knowing what they're up against. I can't wait to use this mindwashing graphic against you. It was carefully programmed to have a permanent effect so that I can own and addict as many boys as possible. Let's play it again and see if it gets deeper in your brain.

Maybe you thought these silly mindwashing graphics don't have an effect on you. But here you are, watching it over and over again. You can't control yourself. In fact, you're hoping I'll play it again. You see by watching this, you're mindwashing yourself. I'm not making you watch it. You are here of your own free will. Let's see how deep we can plant it in your brain. Watch it again.

Now through proper breathing and the cadence of my voice, I'm going to help you relax and take you even deeper. Let all the tension go, it serves to purpose. Breathe deeply and feel something start to rise. You're filled with a feeling inside of you, it flows through your body all the way to your cock. And that feeling is devotion, devotion to me, as you sink further into your true submission to me, your Goddess. It's happening faster than you expected. It's getting stronger and stronger and you can't hold back and I'm only going to make it stronger by playing it again and again.

You can't hold back, you stroke and stroke even though you know what it's going to do to you. Even though you know what will happen if you cum for me, it will get deeper. It will get so much harder to break. Soon you'll reach a point where you won't even want to. Kneeling on the floor and gazing up at me with your hand on your cock, will become your new place of comfort. This is where you feel most at peace. And how long can I keep you like this? How much worse can it get? It's building, can feel it? It's running through your veins and pumping into your cock and it's growing and growing.

And the more you stare at me the more that feeling grows. You can't stop it, you don't want to stop it. There's no part of your brain right now that wants it to stop. You're gone. You're mine, as if you weren't already. I'm going to let you cum because I know that's what's going to lock you in. And I want you on the floor begging, admitting your deep devotion to me. Don't try to stop it. You did this to yourself. Watch the mindwashing graphic again.

Stroke it, I can see in your eyes how strong it's getting inside of you. You didn't realize the effect that this graphic would have on you but now you know, now you can feel it. How fucked did you make yourself. Look into my eyes, you can't look away, and as you cum admit to me that this is what you wanted. You wanted to be mine, you wanted to be trapped. And now it's happening. You're going to cum and you can't stop it. This is where you're supposed to be so stroke for me. Good boy. Once you cum you will be trapped forever, your devotion will be locked in, you will be mine forever. You're so weak for it. Cum for me, lock it in, this is what you wanted. Good boy, you came even though you know you just fucked yourself.

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