Goddess Alexandra Snow - No Sympathy Chastity II

You know, you're fucking awful at adhering to your chastity instructions. I know it must pain you to not touch your cock, but I don't care. I've got work I want to do with you and that requires your cock being fully caged. I don't care if your send your key to me, throw the damn thing away, or put it in a time capsule. Your cock needs to be locked up and your key needs to be out of reach for at least 30 days. I think it's time your learned what a privilege orgasm is. You're going to watch my videos for 30 days while your cock is locked and unreachable for erection. That's your assignment. You don't get to get out early for good behavior. Being able to touch your cock is a gift I give you if I so choose. Chasity isn't for your pleasure. It's for mine.

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