Lady Bellatrix - 7 Days in Chastity... then BEG for release

Lady Bellatrix after a few dates figured out that she was actually your Mistress not her girlfriend. Shame, sneaking around on your wife and even worse you told Bellatrix you loved her. Your confession that you were with her because your wife wouldn't fuck you only makes her want to make you suffer more. A real man doesn't tell lies and now if you don't want her to tell your wife you are going to wear this chastity device while your wife is away for the weekend. An entire weekend in a high state of arousal and no way to cum. You will be sent away and subjected to her texts all weekend of pictures of her pussy and you fucking her and despite your pleas to be released, you are only coming out when it is time to pick your wife up at the airport.

Lady Bellatrix thinks this experience will be brutally hard on you but also thinks it will be something you come back for again. Isn't your wife going on a one week business trip next month?

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