Mistress An Li, Mistress Lucy Khan - Scent of Your Asian Overlords

Mistress Lucy Khan and I have shrunken you for a reason. It's time we Asian Goddesses got our revenge. It's time we shrunk down all you pathetic white people into tiny little ants and put the natural order of the world back in place: with us Asian women as the supreme top of the food chain, and you as our subservient peons.

And our first act of making you white bitches into our slaves? We're going to acclimate you to our scent and overwhelm you with our pheromones. After all, a bitch should know the scent of it's owners, right? And what better way than to have you intimately acquainted with our armpits.

That's right, you're going to live in our armpits now. You and your entire **** and friends will live in our pits, licking them clean, smelling them, tending to each tiny hair that grows out. Lucy has already begun growing out her pits into a beautiful stubble **** that you will **** and manage, and I've begun sprouting out some teeny tiny hairs that will become each one of your responsibilities.

You will learn to live in our armpits, to carefully groom us and worship us as Asian Goddesses like the peasants that you are. And if you displease us?

You know how easy it is for us to exterminate you, right? A swift downward movement to smush you into jelly. Or even better? Perhaps we'll need to store you away in...stinkier areas.

Welcome to your new life as our shrunken armpit slaves. Now get to sniffing and licking.

Features: you're a dumb white bitch who's entered an Asian supremacist world where Mistress Lucy Khan are I are your creators and destroyers, and now you've entered your worst nightmare and biggest fantasy. You will live in our armpits and worship us the way we've always deserved, lest you be destroyed yourself. After all, shrinking you wasn't hard, and squeezing you won't be either

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