Princess Kitty Cash - OUCH MY BALLS - intense interactive ball torment - extremely humiliating like you pathetic sucker deserve!

You dumb sucker love to recieve extremely humiliating tasks form your goddess to make me laugh and this time it will be particularly funny and painful cause I'm gonna go for ya balls! I can do what ever I want with your testes and I often explained to you that slavebitches don't need balls anway so you will beat yours to a pulp right now! For our lil, pervy game you just need a longer cable and a wooden spoon and your torment begins: Take off your cloths, get on your knees, spread legs and stroke - completely horny you'll thightly tie up your sack. Pull it up with the ends of the cable, take the spoon , switch off your brain and hit it! Again and again the spoon smacks on your swolen testes and with every hit you have to say "ouch my balls" and "thank you princess". Sounds like fun right? So just do what I commend and don't cry, lil pussy cause I don't give a fuck whether it hurts or leaves permanent damage - your ugly balls will get punished!

MP4 * 293 MB * 00:15:42 * 1920x1080

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