WowArielle - Lifelong Feminization for Sissy Faggots

You tell me that even after I've learned to service real mens cocks like a pro, you still won't be unlocking me. But I always have to be enthusiastic, eager, begging them for cock in my holes with my body language, my eyes and of course my words. "Please sir, fuck my throat. My sissy pussy is eager for your friend's cock." When I've learned how to make them groan with lust so that they eagerly slam into my holes and cum in and on me my reward will be knowing I've pleased my Princess. I'm not an ordinary faggot, I'm a slutty sissy faggot, and I need my Princess Arielle to humiliate and control me. while I'm used as holes for real men to put their cocks into. You tell me that what you want should always be what I want. And what you say is always the truth. It becomes my truth. So when you say I am a sissy faggot and I need to be a little whore for you I just need to accept it. It's what needs to happen and it's what you want besides, and I want to make you happy right? You tell me you know exactly why I want this. Why it is that seeing you: my dream woman makes me so horny but only because I want to kneel at her feet, submit, worship and beg her to feminize me. It's simple really, you lecture me. At this point in my training I have obviously realized what a beta bitch sissy I am. I know just like you that I'm not worthy of any other attention from you.

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