Princess Ellie Idol - Beat Up Humiliated Once Again BY Step-Sis

Seems you haven't learned your lesson since the first time I punched you out, dear Step-Brother. You sneak up on me in the bathroom as I'm applying my lip gloss and give me a shove. Bad move. I kn0ck you out with one punch! You wake up on my floor at my feet. What a familiar situation! Why it was just like this the first time I made you my bitch, making you suck and lick my toes. I thought that would keep you in line, and yet you tried not too long ago to disobey me at the mall. I beat you up in front of everyone and then sat on you in the food court with everyone watching. My girlfriends and I laughed at how pathetically weak you are. You're weaker than a GIRL! Maybe I should dress you as one? How fitting! Yes. Beg me to feminize you and then spank you with my hairbrush! I have frilly panties and lipstick JUST for you, Step-Brother dear!

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